About US

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Pyramid Automation (PA) has offered innovative technology products and services in Pakistan for the switchgear & power generation industry since 2003.

Our business philosophy is to combine advanced engineering with superior products, systems integration capability with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs to create unique solutions.

PA continues to expand into new markets, invest in technology, technical talent and state-of-the-art equipment in order to better serve our growing customer base.

Covering following:

1.ATS/ AMF, Generator Load Share & Synch Systems

2.Low Voltage Control & Protection Systems

3.PF Capacitors, Control & Power Relays

4.Surge Protection Systems

5.Energy Management Systems

6.Remote Control & Monitoring Systems – SCADA

7.ATS Switches  / Panels

8.Temperature / Pressure & Fuel Level Sensors

9.Precision cooling Systems – CRAC / ICT Cooling

10.Lightening Arrestor – LIVE STREAMER

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